Treatment Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy

The philosophy of The Haven is that addiction is a treatable disease.

This philosophy is based upon the premise that addiction / dependency is an illness which has the underlying pathology and characteristics of a disease as outlined below:

  • The Illness can be described.
  • The course of the illness is predictable and progressive.
  • The illness is primary and is not just a symptom of another underlying disorder.
  • It is permanent
  • It is terminal if left untreated.

Unlike many other diseases addiction has the capacity to affect the lives of the families and friends of the sufferer. The behaviour of substance abusers eventually creates a dysfunctional environment within which all suffer.

Treatment commences with a physical and psycho-social evaluation by our consultant medical practitioner, who specializes in the treatment of addictions. If necessary medically supervised detoxification and withdrawal treatment will take place at the local private hospital.

On admission to The Haven our multi disciplinary team of professionals devise an individually tailored treatment program typically comprising of :

Daily group therapy; focusing upon objectivity, overcoming of denial, acceptance of responsibility and fostering a genuine desire for change.

Individual counselling; where progress is monitored and specific problem areas addressed, during these sessions elements of cognitive behavioural therapy may be applied to particular individual challenges assisting the client in dealing with feelings of guilt and shame and to help with the process of confidence building and the restoration of self esteem.

A physical exercise program is also part of our treatment philosophy, focusing upon yoga techniques to help calm anxiety and stretching exercises to enhance wellbeing, flexibility and re-affirm the mind body connection.


People who have come to our centre have often tried other means to change and stop their unhealthy behaviours. It takes courage to recognise that in order to fully reclaim your life outside of these compulsive behaviours, you need to address deeper issues.


A goal of treatment is to increase individual coping skills, awareness and resilience. This will allow clients new ways of being and the ability to leave with confidence and a well informed care plan for the future.


We have found that clients that invest a minimum of 28 days rehabilitation treatment have enjoyed significant shifts in their relationships with self and others, however it is the case that successful outcomes are more likely to be achieved by participation in a longer program, we therefore recommend a minimum of 90 days primary care.

Drug Addiction Rehab Programs Tailored to the Individual

Addiction comes in many different forms, including prescription drug abuse. Alcohol and drug addictions are unique in their own right and treatment is determined upon specific drug of choice. The Haven has different addiction treatment programs tailored to unique individuals.


A Holistic Approach to Drug Addiction Rehab

The best addiction clinics do more than only treat the physical symptoms. We take a holistic approach to addiction rehab that focuses on the mind, body and spirit. Our treatment and addiction counselling programs address the medical, clinical and spiritual needs of each client.