The Blame Game

Our daughter/son, a drunk/drug addict!!!!! Sparkling personality!!! Fun to be with!! Beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, attributes that any parent wants a child to have.Their drinking/drugging out of control.

We thought our love and care had been boundless!We thought we had given them everything! Where had we gone wrong!! We have failed them!!!

In those early moments of discovery that our child was chemically dependent, we felt paralysed. Everything we dreaded,wondered about and feared, happened.When realisation hits, the body shuts down. We dont want to move, we want to sit, hands folded, engulfed in the feeling that weights are tied to each limb.

But the mind- filled with incriminations, accusations, anger, frustration, embarrassment, anxiety and fear-is whirling.When we discover our child, our wonderful child is chemically dependent, we feel a mental outpouring of guilt,shame and blame!!!!

YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME!!! Have you gone through this terrible situation?? We will post each day a little more information to help you deal with this situation, to help you confront and do the best thing you can do, to help your beloved child.