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Spice (K2) [updated 20.11.2019 by Samuel Vorster]

What is Spice (K2)?

Spice is synthetic cannabinoid comprising of a combination of herbs laced with synthetic chemicals meant to mimic cannabis’s psychoactive substances.  Synthetic cannabinoids substances that are categorized as a designer drug.

It has a flaky texture, green in colour and is usually smoked or, in some parts of the world, distributed in liquid form which can be used in e-cigarettes for example.

What effects does Spice have on users?

Like cannabis, Spice work on the same neuro-transmitter (CB1 receptor) as cannabis (aka dagga) can make users feel happy and relaxed, but the effects are much stronger and often unpredictable.

Users recall possible negative experiences of feeling confused, extremely anxious, paranoid and bouts...

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