Programme For Addiction

The Haven Treatment Programme REALLY WORKS within the duration of our programme each client will benefit from regular sessions of professional interaction with a qualified registered counsellor or clinical social worker.

Treatment at The Haven Addiction Recovery Centre is built around a successful evidence based programme, which successfully blends the skills of professional registered counsellors, with trained (recovering) addiction counsellors, social workers and nursing staff.

Our recovery programme is also enhanced by the individually tailored use of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) as well as 12 step facilitation, motivational interviewing, community reinforcement approach and other evidence based therapies.

Our Programme Includes:

  • A medical and psychosocial assessment.
  • An individualised treatment plan.
  • Regular individual sessions with our registered counsellors and social workers.
  • Daily group therapy sessions.
  • Completing  a life story.
  • CBT/12 Step based worksheets.
  • Attending two NA/AA meetings in Plettenberg Bay per week.
  • Informative/educational lectures by our social workers, counsellors, addiction recovery assistants or guest speakers
  • Yoga and exercise classes.
  • Beach and Forest walks.
  • Vists to local places of interest


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

According to the cognitive behavioural therapy approach, addictive behaviours, such as drinking, drug use, problem gambling, compulsive shopping, interactive addiction, food addiction, and other types of harmful excessive behaviour, are the result of inaccurate thoughts and subsequent negative feelings. CBT has an excellent track record, with numerous studies demonstrating its effectiveness in treating depression, anxiety and other conditions, including addiction. Using the techniques of CBT it is possible to equip clients with a ‘cognitive tool box’ upon which they can draw when they experience the cognitive triggers that lead to substance abuse.