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The South African ‘dop’ system

The payment of workers with alcohol, the South African 'Dop' system, read our blog, The Haven Addiction Recovery CentreRead More

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome alcohol poison for your unborn baby, Western Cape South Africa, what is FAS and what are it's causes and effects.Read More

Parents You Are Not To Blame 2

Playing the blame game when a child suffers a disease or chemical dependancyRead More

Parents You Are Not To Blame

Parental blame for a child's addictionRead More

The Blame Game

Our daughter/son, a drunk/drug addict!!!!! Sparkling personality!!! Fun to be with!! Beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, attributes that any parent wants a child to have.Their drinking/drugging out of control.

We thought our love and care had been boundless!We thought we had given them everything! Where had we gone wrong!! We have failed them!!!

In those early moments of discovery that our child was chemically dependent, we felt paralysed. Everything we dreaded,wondered about and feared, happened.When realisation hits, the body shuts down. We dont want to move, we want to sit, hands folded, engulfed in the feeling that weights are tied to each limb.

But the mind- filled with incriminations, accusations, anger, frustration, embarrassment, anxiety and fear-is whirling...

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Introduction

Cognitive Bahavioral Therapy, change the way you feel by changing the way you think, the NHS therapy of choiceRead More

What Is Addiction? What Causes Addiction?

People with an addiction do not have control over what they are doing, taking or using. Their addiction may reach a point at which it is harmful. Addictions do not only include physical things we consume, such as drugs or alcohol, but may include virtually anything, such abstract things as gambling to seemingly harmless products, such as chocolate – in other words, addiction may refer to a substance dependence (e.g. drug addiction) or behavioral addiction (e.g. gambling addiction).

This article focuses mainly on addiction to physical substances.

In the past addiction used to refer just to psychoactive substances that cross the blood-brain barrier, temporarily altering the chemical balance of the brain; this would include alcohol, tobacco and some drugs...

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Desmethyl Fentanyl

Desmethyl Fentanyl

There is a dangerous new painkiller on the black market in Canada and the US: Desmethyl Fentanyl, which is derived from the painkiller Fentanyl. Desmethyl Fentanyl which is 80 times more powerful than morphine and 40 times stronger than heroin. This synthetic substance is a dangerous new painkiller to be hitting the streets. The police intercepted the package that was on its way to an address in Colorado. The police are pretty certain that some of the drug has already been shipped to the U.S.

To give you an idea of how strong this drug is, a police officer, who was wearing a protective mask and gloves, briefly came in contact with the substance during the raid and he had to be hospitalized because of heart palpitations...

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Signs of Drug Abuse in Young People

Drug use has become a major problem within our communities with young people falling victim to the scourge of Tik mandrax (the white pipe) and dagga. There are NO safe recreational drugs, below are listed the signs that as a parent you should be aware of in your child or teenager:

Signs at Home

  • No longer interested in family activities
  • Failing to obey family rules
  • Refusing responsibilities
  • Being abusive
  • Changes in appetite
  • Missing money or valuables in the house
  • Coming home late
  • Secretive and defensive about their movements
  • constant excuses for poor behaviour
  • Spending a lot of time alone in their rooms
  • Being dishonest about activities
  • Unusual sleep patterns

finding the following: cigarette rolling papers, pipes, , small glass vials, vehicle globes, household globes plastic baggies, cigar...

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Nyaope or Whoonga

, and is usually laced with a cheap form of heroin. It is commonly smoked with dagga or sometimes tobacco. A ‘good’ mix is supposed to smell like vinegar.

Nyaope is smoked by heating it up and inhaling the fumes.The rush and “euphoria” users feel initially, or the drowsiness and feeling of being relaxed caused by heavier doses, are soon to be replaced by the harsh realities of heroin addiction. The heroin in Nyaope force addicts to use increasingly stronger mixtures of the drug to get “high,” until they are physically heroin dependent.

The drug is described as highly addictive. Users feel heavy cravings even on the first day of use. It is also dangerous, because it reduces both heart and lung function. In overdose, heart and lung function reduction becomes fatal...

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