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When heroin enters the bloodstream it immediately makes a bee-line towards the brain, and once in the brain it begins to take over. Specifically areas of the brain that are responsible for both physical dependence and producing the sensation of reward to the body.Read More


Ketamine hydrochloride, street name ketamine, ’k’ or ‘special k’ is a drug commonly used as a vetinary tranquilizer,.With regular or large doses, ketamine can make existing mental health problems worse, and can cause feelings of confusion, panic attacks and depression.Read More

Krokodil (Desomorphine)

Krokodil, the most horrible drug in the world. Krokodil is a lethal drug is made from codeine, iodine and red phosphorous,in a relatively simple process similar to the manufacture of tik methamphetamine) from psuedoephedrine like methamphetamine, desomorphine made this way is often highly impure and is contaminated with various toxic and corrosive by products such as gasoline, drain cleaner and sulphurRead More

What is Depression?

What is depression? Depression in men, Depression in women. Signs and symptoms of depressionRead More

Endorphin’s and Addiction

The effect of opiate drugs upon the body's natural production of endorphinsRead More

The South African ‘dop’ system

The payment of workers with alcohol, the South African 'Dop' system, read our blog, The Haven Addiction Recovery CentreRead More

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome alcohol poison for your unborn baby, Western Cape South Africa, what is FAS and what are it's causes and effects.Read More

Parents You Are Not To Blame 2

Playing the blame game when a child suffers a disease or chemical dependancyRead More

Parents You Are Not To Blame

Parental blame for a child's addictionRead More

The Blame Game

Our daughter/son, a drunk/drug addict!!!!! Sparkling personality!!! Fun to be with!! Beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, attributes that any parent wants a child to have.Their drinking/drugging out of control.

We thought our love and care had been boundless!We thought we had given them everything! Where had we gone wrong!! We have failed them!!!

In those early moments of discovery that our child was chemically dependent, we felt paralysed. Everything we dreaded,wondered about and feared, happened.When realisation hits, the body shuts down. We dont want to move, we want to sit, hands folded, engulfed in the feeling that weights are tied to each limb.

But the mind- filled with incriminations, accusations, anger, frustration, embarrassment, anxiety and fear-is whirling...

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