Have A Problem?

Am I An Addict?

If you or someone you care about shows some or all of the following symptoms, it is time to seek help:

  • Preoccupied with alcohol / drugs / porn, looking forward to using them, planning life around them?
  • Losing control of how much you take no guarantee that you can stop?
  • Increased capacity beginning to need more and more for the same effect?
  • Using alone private secretive use?
  • Using to get a certain effect searching for the buzz?
  • Memory blackouts loss of awareness that events or conversations took place?
  • Breaking promises to stop using, but also becoming unreliable to family and friends?
  • Early morning shakes needing alcohol / drugs to function?
  • Feeling remorseful or guilty knowing that you are damaging relationships?

If you recognise 4 or more of these symptoms. ASK FOR HELP!


Am I Suffering From Depression?

If you are suffering from some or all of the following symptoms and you just cant seem to feel better, then you may be suffering from clinical depression:

  • Your sleeping patterns are disturbed, you can’t sleep or you can’t stay awake.
  • Your concentration tends to lapse and easy tasks become a chore.
  • You suffer feelings of hopelessness.
  • You have depressed moods for most of the day, almost every day.
  • You have lost interest and pleasure in all, or almost all activities most of the day.
  • Your normal eating patterns change, you don’t eat enough or you eat too much.
  • You are irritable and short tempered.
  • Your consumption of alcohol increases and you may engage in risky behaviour.
  • You have thoughts that your life is not worth living and sometimes consider self harm.

If you recognise in yourself, 5 or more of the above symptoms for a period of two weeks or more and you just can’t seem to feel better, then you may be suffering from clinical depression. ASK FOR HELP!

Useful crisis contact numbers:

1. SADAG suicide helpine:
0800 567 567 / SMS 31393
www.sadag.org (South African Depression and Anxiety Group)

2. Department of Social Development Substance Abuse Line 24 hour helpline:
0800 121314 / SMS 32312

3. Lifeline 24 hour crisis number:
0861 322 322 / 011 422 4242

4. The Haven Addiction Recovery Centre
044 532 7929 / 073 761 3939 (24 hour)
Email: info@havenaddictionrecovery.com