The 5 stages of addiction

These are the 5 Stages of Dependency.

Stage 1) Experimentation.

All forms of addiction start out with experimentation.
Here it’s all innocent and fun. You get into it to get a bit of risk, variety and peak
experience in your life. You want to try something a little bit out there. In this phase
you get a first taste for how the substances makes you feel. It’s also characterized by
being a thrill seeking, not planned ahead of time.

Stage 2) Recreational.

At this point the use becomes more of a conscious choice,
though it’s still not frequent. And in the Recreational stage, user also begin planning
more specifically when they will use the drug (in whatever form it comes) for the
purpose of increasing the good times you get from it.

Stage 3) Misuse.

More and more often you start seeking it out, the substance. And
it grows to the progressive level now where it becomes part of your life to use it
on a regular basis. Here negative consequences of the misuse start becoming more
apparent, like hangovers, shortness of breath, and excess weight. This can be a tipping

Stage 4) Abuse.

When you get to this part of the addiction, it has become your
predominate goal to get more and more of the substance. And you find yourself
getting into situations where the substance is, almost obsessively. You can’t get
enough. You need that buzz to feel okay. And here, the bad consequences of your
actions get worse and intensify.

Stage 5) Dependency.

Lastly, you stop being able to remain any sense of
independence from the substance. At this point your life revolves around getting
that hit, it becomes a total preoccupation to use tobacco, food, alcohol or marijuana.
When you get to this stage you may also begin experiencing memory loss. In the
dependence stage, you’re pretty much willing to do anything to get hold of more of
the drug.