Rehab Testimonials

     “I am very grateful for the treatment I have had here. The practitioners and medical staff are highly skilled. They are very caring and guide you completely in your recovery. I have also received many insights to live without active addiction. The accommodation is also beautiful. clean rooms, varied healthy meals. swimming pool and beautiful surroundings. If you need treatment, I can really recommend it.” – Barend.


    “How I met myself over there was incredible. Tough but so helpfull! Today almost 8 months clean and still going strong(smart)! This because of the help of the recovery centre and the therapists. I would most likely advice others, who are struggling, to go and meet themselves cause this will be the first step of a life changing choice.” – Chakib


   “I am so grateful to the team at The Haven Addiction Recovery Centre, they have helped me to turn my life around. I spent several months here in 2018/2019. It is a safe and beautiful environment run by a loving, caring and skilled team of people who dedicate their lives to helping people who are struggling with addiction. When I arrived, I was totally broken, lost, full of fear and battling addiction. During my time here I followed an intensive and beautifully well balanced treatment programme and with the help of the team I was able to change. My life is good today and I am free from addiction for almost a year now. I will be eternally grateful for my time spent here and for the help and care that I received.” – Natalie


   “This place and the people who work here saved my life. Unbelievelably supportive, caring, knowledgeable, patient, unconditionally loving, dedicated staff. I am currently 16 and a half months clean and sober; a miracle, and I literally could not have done it without the immense help, support, and encouragement I recieved during my 3 month stay at the Haven. The decision to undergo treatment at The Haven was the best, greatest gift I have ever given myself, and the renewal of hope and belief in myself in doing so, has been the greatest gift I have ever received.” – Seshwick


   “Highly recommendable! Intensive support from warm and experienced professionals. Not only my substance use, but also my personality got the attention that I needed for the greatest possible chance for a successfull return into society as a fully-fledged individual. This was a life changing experiance and I’m still clean!” – NA Zonday


    “I was lucky enough to be able to make my recovery here, I am still clean and all the help I had was gratifying, I hope the future will be bright for others as it was for me in my recovery time … I miss Huguenot” – Nuno


    “One year ago today, I returned to Holland from South Africa.
At the Haven I started what is still an intense, beautiful journey of recovery.

I am so very grateful for the staff of The Haven in Plettenberg Bay SA. The treatment was well rounded, teaching me new behaviour, new ways of looking at life and what to do with it, the ability to make different choices. Working on being ok with my past, with the pain that I feel has given me the disease of addiction.
Without the added benefits of doing healing work on the inner child, trauma release, family sculpture I would surely not have gotten this far, it was the combination of of “regular” therapy and the before mentioned that seemed to work magic for me.
Being in an environment that made me feel safe, supported and genuinely loved by not only the awesome councellors, but the entire staff, gave me the ability to do deep healing.

Being far away from home gave me the space to really work at myself and not worry about anything or anyone that I left behind. It was exactly what I needed to break free from being in active addiction giving me the possibility to become more clear and willing to do the work.

If all goes well I will be going back to school in January and I will be able to use all that I have learnt to help others achieve a better life for themselves as I am in the process of doing.

Eternally grateful I am!!
I definitely recommend The Haven to anybody willing to take that step to a life in recovery.” – Michele


   “I learned a lot about my addiction and how to live a life with my problems. Because of the coping skills and learning about the 12 step program i am still clean. The councelors really care about you, they treat me like i am really worthy, a feeling i didn’t experience a lot in my life.” – Maikel


   “I thank God my husband had the chance to stay at the haven. It has not only been his salvation, but also for me and our 2 children, since my husband has been clean for 7 months now. The employees and his counslers in particular, have been so amazing in giving him the inside he needed as a start to a successful recovery. I wish everyone with an addiction the professionals at the haven, they are of a total different caliber than I ever encountered in the Netherlands. I’m very grateful for our life,Ruth, wife of Nick.” – Nick


    “The place to be if you want to work on your recovery.
To quit using addictive substances is a challenge. Most of the times, before our eyes opened, our lives were unmanageable. It all begins with this important step. Getting clean.
We get clean, and then what? Who taught us how to deal with emotions? Who taught us how to set boundaries? How to find your purpose in life? How to get insights in our behavior and the way we look at life? Who are we without our substances? Who are we?
Going into recovery is not only about abstinence of drugs or alcohol. That is the ‘easy’ part. It is all about learning new behaviors.

Recovery Centre The Haven offered me that and more. A team of highly experienced therapists, specialised in addictive behavior, depression and more mental disorders as a result of trauma or addiction, guide you step by step into your new life. Each therapist approaches you with their own specialism and character. They learn you the basics of how to live your life in a healthy way, in a grown-up way.
During my three months stay, I have learned so much about myself. During every day sessions, therapists made me face reality. They made it clear to me that I am worth it and that I can do this! They made me practise with the obstacles of life in a responsible way, something I haven’t been doing for a long time before I entered The Haven. It was not easy, but changes don’t come over one night. It takes at least three months to change a person’s behavior.
Besides the wide range of sessions, we learned how to enjoy life again by going on outings. We walked with elephants, hiked on Rob-berg and spend time on the beautiful beaches.
The Haven offers the perfect method to start a new life.
They learned me how to take back control over my life again.
I look back at my recovery time at The Haven as the best gift I have ever given myself.
” – Glauke


    “I had my recovery in Huguenot, it was tough at times but also alot of fun, and i’ll be forever greatfull to them. They taught me alot, and i can only talk positive this place.” – Uzay


    “Thanks to the people in the huguenot, i was clean for 18 months last monday 7 october. I would never have made it without this treatment center. 1000 thanks
Lots of love
” – Garby


   “I have been there almost 6 months ago and I am still clean.
They help me allot there and I hope they can help more people off their addiction
” – Justdenfaith B


    “(Translated by Google) I am Karin and have been clean for almost 21 months.
I got my life back at The Haven.
I was allowed to learn about the 12 steps and learn to deal with my fears.
I was aware of certain behavioral changes.
Experienced experts and counselor with whom I had a good relationship and whom I could trust.
Because I also lacked confidence when I entered.
The foundation for my recovery was built there for me.
I am healthy, can make healthy choices.
I am happy again and I have confidence again.
Thank you for that.

I am grateful to have been able to live in this beautiful house for 3 months.
With fine counselor and experience experts aa

Ik ben Karin en nu bijna 21 maanden clean.
Ik heb mijn leven terug gekregen in The Haven.
Ik mocht over de 12 stappen leren en gaan leren met mijn angsten om te gaan.
Bepaalde gedrag veranderingen mocht ik mij van bewust worden.
Ervarinsdeskundigen en counselor waar ik een goede band mee had en die ik ook kon vertrouwen.
Want aan vertrouwen ontbrak het mij ook toen ik daar binnen kwam.
Voor mij is daar de fundering van mijn herstel gebouwd.
Ik ben gezond, mag gezonde keuzes maken.
Ik ben weer gelukkig en heb weer zelfvertrouwen.
Dank jullie wel daarvoor.

Ik dankbaar dat in dit prachtige huis 3 maanden heb mogen wonen.
Met fijne counselor en ervaringsdeskundigen aa
Mijn “ – Karin


    “(Translated by Google) In 2016 I no longer saw my life, I no longer knew how to live my life. I chose help and luckily I got it here, I lived on the brink of death. The people at The Haven helped me find myself and learned what life is like. I am still recovering and cleansing both drugs and alcohol to this day. I cannot show my gratitude enough! Thank you!

In 2016 zag ik mijn leven niet meer zitten, ik wist niet meer hoe ik mijn leven moest leven. Ik koos voor hulp en deze heb ik hier gelukkig gekregen, ik leefde op het randje van de dood. De mensen bij The Haven hebben mij geholpen mijzelf terug te vinden en geleerd wat het leven is. Ik ben tot op de dag van vandaag in herstel en clean van zowel drugs als alcohol. Ik kan mijn dankbaarheid niet genoeg tonen! Dank jullie wel!” – Raymond


     “(Translated by Google) It is an amazingly good rehab clinic from the Netherlands. I only really found out when I was back in the Netherlands. I have seen several but this one stands head and shoulder above everything else. Be honest and set yourself at No. 1. You can find yourself here

Het is een waanzinnig goede afkick kliniek geregeld vanuit Nederland. Ik kwam daar eigenlijk pas echt achter toen ik weer in Nederland was. Ik heb er meerdere gezien maar deze steekt met kop en schouder overal boven uit. Wees eerlijk en zet jezelf op nr1. Hier kun je jezelf terugvinden” – Duncan


    “(Translated by Google) Great help with my addiction problems
Now a year ago and still clean still contacting my counselor
Had a good time

Fijn geholpen met mijn verslavingsproblemen
Nu een jaar geleden en nog steeds clean nog steeds contact met mijn counselor
Fijne tijd gehad!”
– Dave